Status of the chilean woodstar (eudilia yarrellii) according to iucn


The IUCN categorizes species according to their vulnerability to threats in the world.

From the first population estimate made in 2003 that showed that there were at least 1500 individuals, to the last population estimate made in 2015 the number has fallen to 405 species.


It has become necessary to begin to take measures to stop the decline of the species and to try to recover its population, because if this trend continues, the Chilean Woodstar would have very high probabilities of extinction within the next 5 to 10 years. The Chilean Woodstar went from being the most abundant hummingbird in the region to the rarest and officially declared as a critically endangered species (BirdLife International, 2015, critically endangered species, Eulidia yarrellii).

By the year 2017, the census of the UNORCH showed 317 species , down 82% with respect to 2016, where 405 individuals were counted.