We aim to acquire lands that are a priority for the Chilean Woodstar, in order to generate conservation areas called micro reserves, maintaining the vegetation and native conditions of the area. Emphasizing that these places are strategic because they are currently inhabited by the Chilean Woodstar.

Solution 1

A possibility of carrying out economic activities compatible with the flora and fauna of the area. To introduce a biological corridor (delimited geographic space) that provides connectivity between landscapes and natural or modified habitats, allowing to conserve the composition, structure, movement and colonization of the individuals therefore preventing the local extinction of populations, functions of its ecosystems and the biological diversities.

Solution 2

To work together with the community to achieve good agricultural practices in relation to this issue. Thereby overcoming the deficiencies in the use and handling of pesticides, creating training courses in order to know how to identify the general aspects associated with the handling and use of pesticides, as well as the current legal regulations, the different groups of pesticides, health risks, handling conditions and application methods.